Auto Tinting FAQ

What is Window Tinting?
Window tint is a thin layer of film applied to the inside portion of your auto glass. This is applied using a special solution in which activates the adhesive which is manufactured in the film. This process requires no removal of your glass or your door panels.

Why would you want to tint your vehicle windows?
The benefits of window film are great and many. For starters it greatly enhances the appearance of your vehicle and reduces the amount of incoming heat. Not only does it help hold chards of broken glass together in case of an accident, but it virtually eliminates exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Why use Atlantic Auto Tint?
We initially researched many brands of window film. We discovered that many of these brands were found to be below the standards we expect from a window film. We have ultimately found the best product available which eliminates unnecessary returns. We have chosen some of the latest techniques to provide our customers with the ultimate finished product.

Window Film may be the most necessary accessory that you will ever purchase for your vehicle. With it, you can keep cool and make your ride safer even on the sunniest days!

Window Tinting On Sport Van

Our window film helps hold shattered glass together should one of your vehicle’s windows be broken reducing potential injury from flying shards of glass.

Protection From Harmful Solar Rays
Our window film rejects a full 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. (Ultraviolet A rays have been linked to several types of skin cancers)

Glare Reduction
Our film reduces glare both day and night. Without eye strain, you can concentrate on driving.

Heat Rejection
Our film contains a virtually invisible metal layer which gives excellent heat rejection which keeps you and your passengers more comfortable.

Scratch Resistant
All our films contain a durable scratch resistant surface.

All our films include a Manufacturers Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.

Tint Maintenance
Our films are easy to clean and maintain. After the first 30 days the film can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. We recommend avoiding ammonia based cleaners as damage to the film may result. Also after 30 days, a plastic polish like “Clean Coat” or a furniture polish such as “Pledge”, may be applied to the tint with a soft cloth to keep it smooth or finger print resistant.

We obey all Tint Laws. The laws pertaining to Auto Tint vary by state.
Please call us for the laws pertaining to your state.