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Atlantic Auto Tint and Accessories has been serving satisfied customers since 1994. During that time we have installed thousands of tint jobs and equipped thousands of cars and trucks with great accessories that enhance looks, value and performance. Here are a few of the customer comments we have received over the years. Many more are on file at our Daytona showroom and installation facility.


  • After just moving down to Florida from up north, I realized how awesome it is to have tinted windows! Not only because of the visual enhancement, but it actually reduces heat by a noticeable amount! Dave has good prices and is a really friendly guy. There were a few bubbles after about a week, so I went back and he fixed them without any hesitation. Lots of compliments, and my girlfriend is talking about making an appointment to get her car tinted! I would recommend AAT to anyone. Thanks again!
    Eric M., Daytona Beach, FL 2003 VW Golf
  • I love the new tinting on my Acura! It makes the car look even better and on those really hot days helps keep the heat out. Debbie, Port Orange, FL
  • I have enjoyed owning several tonneau covers over the years from you on all of my different trucks. The fact is that they work great and your prices are the very best I could find locally or on the internet. Mark, Port Orange, FL
  • Best Daytona vacation ever!! Why? Because I decided to have all of the accessories I wanted for my truck while we were in Daytona. I had the Retrax tonneu cover, step bars, bug shield, bull bars, dash kit and vent visors all installed while in town. We almost saved enough on the accessories to pay for our vacation!! Thanks for making it such a “no brainer” fun experience. PS, next time we are coming in my wife’s truck so that you can do all of hers too! Ryan & Danielle, Sugar Hill, GA
  • Had you install the bug shields on all of my cars. With love bug season twice a year in Florida, they really help save my paint. They look custom too! Cindy, Daytona Beach, FL
  • My wife got me step bars for my Ford truck for Christmas last year. I love the way they look and she loves the way they help her get in! Great present and the installation looks factory. Michael, Ormond Beach, FL
  • My tonneau cover arrived today. I was a bit apprehensive about mounting it on my Chevy truck but a quick call to your installation department answered all of my questions. In fact, I had it fully installed and working in less than 15 minutes! I also saved over $300 ordering it from you directly over the cheapest price I could find anywhere. All of my friends want one and I have told them to call you. Thanks! Bill, Atlanta, GA
  • I recently ordered some Husky Liner floor mats from you to protect the carpet in my Dodge truck. Here in Illinois the winter slush can be a real mess but I have to say that after two winters my carpet still looks brand new. Enclosed, please find an order for a set for my wife’s Tahoe. Oh and by the way, service was incredible…they were here within 3 days of my order. Amazing service. Jim, Springfield, IL
  • My wood dash kit makes the interior of my Ford truck really pop. It looks great and better than factory. Dave, Deland, FL
  • I have never had window tinting but decided to take the plunge. The tinting looks great and really cools my car down in the summer. Lauren, New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • I decided to dress up my Nissan Titan with some chrome accessories. I chose the door handle and mirror covers. Not only do they look fantastic, but the finish is gorgeous and better than factory! Steve, Fairhope, AL
  • I wanted some trick looking euro  lights for my truck and ordered them from you. They arrived in just a few days and were a simple “plug and play” type install. The whole thing took about 20 minutes and was fun to do. I love the way they make my truck look now and by the way, I have passed your name along to all of my friends because they all want them too! Stacey, Macon, GA
  • The graphics you installed on my Toyota truck look “sick”. They look better than I ever thought they would. I should have done it long ago when I first bought the truck. Thanks. Eduardo, Orlando, FL

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